Machine Girl Motorsports Company Welcome!

Machine Girl Motorsports Company was created on humble beginnings, with everything done in house, from apparel printing to labeling, and motorcycle safety instruction offered by the owner to support growing the female riding community.

We have collaborated with a few awesome companies to open up our reach in the motorsports industry for our customers.

This has been a dream in the making, and we look forward to growing globally through promoting, empowering and supporting women in motorsports by offering:

-Motorcycle Safety Instruction in conjunction with Safety Services Manitoba (click link to get yourself set enrolled the riding season)

-In-House Motorcycle & Vehicle Builds (working with other RAD motorsports/fabrication companies to bring cool things to the block)

-Group rides

-The Motosocial Winnipeg events (Machine Girl is on the extended support side)

-Avalanche Safety Training for our sledders through our business associates at Soul Rides in British Columbia

-Apparel, accessories and eventual safety gear for all Women in Motorsports

****More to we build these dreams and chase the passion for all things motorsports****



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