THE motorsports company for Fearless Females....   

Built to support, empower, and promote women in all areas of motorsports. 

Created from humble beginnings; mixed with a burning passion for anything with an engine and the want to share that passion with women across the globe by owner Tina Stefanson.

All products are presently designed, screen printed, labels sewn in, and hem labels attached personally by Machine Girl Motorsports Company, which helps to add that personal touch from our shop to your doorstep. Apparel runs are small due to capacity at this moment, however, we will grow with our customers and eventually become that global label representing all Women in Motorsports as we've set out to do. 


The involvement in many different forms of motorsport related adventures has built strong friendships for Tina with many amazing females; all who encourage and grow the Machine Girl Motorsports brand with their support and involvement in the company. 

Machine Girl Motorsports Company is an advocate for Safety and Style for fearless females when participating in their choice of motorsport. This is achieved through the following services & in-house printed, sewn and designed apparel, in collaboration with a few other amazing companies:

  • Motorcycle Safety Instruction (offered through Safety Services Manitoba for local Manitoba individuals looking to get their motorcycle license)
  • Avalanche Safety Training in British Columbia (in conjunction with Soul Rides out of Revelstoke, BC)
  • Apparel & Safety Gear collaboration with Tough Duck - from their women's workwear line

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IG: @machinegirlmotorsports | FB: @machinegirlmotorsportscompany                           

Email: info@machinegirl.ca

Also check out the other RAD companies we get to work in conjunction with to bring all of you awesome women the coolest adventures and products.

www.soulrides.ca | IG: @soulrides | Email: info@soulrides.ca | IG: @toughduck FB:@soul.rides.revelstoke IG: @soul_rides_ski_board_sled | www.toughduck.com